Women-owned labels to take off in Zim:
join us & grow your business!

Women drive the global economy

Women now drive the world economy. Women are the largest consumers and increasingly own more businesses than men, yet women still earn less, have less opportunities, and face more constraints to growing their enterprises.

It’s time to balance things out.

Count me in!

I wanna be involved in the women-owned label campaign!

WESA is taking action to unleash consumer power with the roll out of women-owned labels on products and in storefronts, online and in the windows of service providers and shops in Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa.

If you are a woman business-owner who wants increase market penetration or reach new markets, make more business-to-business and/or consumer sales and grow revenue and profits, here’s your chance to make it happen!

Why should I certify my business?

  • Higher demand among consumers = more sales and profit. (A study undertaken by Walmart showed that 90% of female consumers would go out of their way to buy women-owned goods as they perceive them as higher quality.)
  • Business to business demand: Many multinational corporations and governments are seeking to procure goods and services from certified women-owned companies. A certified company has access to longer term, high volume, lucrative contracts and repeat custom = high profits, more repeat sales and more predictable cash flow.
  • Opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships with companies looking for women-owned business partners.
  • Unique capacity building, business development and business promotion opportunities for certified women-owned companies.

Join us – here’s how!

Step 1: Sign up here. We’ll keep you posted with all the news and views and you get a chance to participate in the design and roll out of this exciting project

Step 2: If you are a women-owned business owner, get your business certified. We’ll need to check that your business is licenced and operational. Owned, controlled and managed by women. We need to verify the facts by checking your paperwork and an interview as part of the certification process.

Step 3: Once you’re certified, you can use the women-owned label on your goods and services. WESA will help coordinate a consumer awareness campaign to get consumers to buy more women-owned projects. We’ll also link you to corporate buyers who want to buy from certified women-owned enterprises.

Result: More sales, more deals => higher profits => grow your business.

Who knew empowering women and changing the world could be simple & feel so great?

Keep me posted about the women-owned label project!